$3 Million Potential Land Lease for Hocking College

The Hocking College Board of Trustees discussed a potential land lease agreement with Cunningham Energy at a meeting this past week which could go a long ways toward solving the institution's financial problems, according to a report from WOUB news.

Chairman Mike Brooks raised the matter, stating that Cunningham had offered $2,500 an acre for a lease on 1,200 acres of land for gas and oil exploration.  A decision was not reached during the meeting.  More after the jump...

However, it has to be a very tantalizing opportunity for the college.  In an earlier interview, college president Ron Ericksen said that decreased funding from the state and lower enrollment had left the college in a tough spot, facing a projected budget shortfall of $2.9 million.  A committee of college staff was searching for ways to save money for the school.

Now they have a difficult decision on their hands.  What do you think the school should do?  Share your thoughts in the comments or the message boards!

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