Another Article, a Lot More Testing, and the Same Conclusion: No Harm to Public Health from Drilling

An article in The Wheeling Intelligencer details how environmental and public health experts both agree that there has been no negative impact to public health from drilling activity in the area.

Officials have assisted residents in testing their water before and after fracking and found no ill effects.  They also stay in contact with area hospitals and the Ohio County Emergency Management Agency to monitor for increased workplace accidents or any other public health issues that could be traced to drilling, such as sicknesses being reported by those living near drilling sites.  No negative findings have been reported.

The biggest concern that officials have found is the damage done to roads by all of the trucks used in the drilling work.  In our area, we have seen the drilling companies do substantial work to build up the roads before work begins in earnest.  The key will be how the roads are left when the companies are no longer working here, which the article states has been a problem in West Virginia.

So, another account from experts which pokes holes in the claims of environmentalists and anti-drilling activists who insist that fracking contaminates water.

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