Want to Get One of the New Shale Jobs? Here's Step One

Jobs related to the shale boom have already begun pouring into our area, and it's only the beginning.  The new processing plant in Columbiana County is expected to create 100 to 150 high-paying jobs, along with other expansion projects and the ancillary jobs created because of the effect of the oil industry.

Are you one of the many who will be looking to get in on the action as these jobs get filled?  It's certainly an exciting opportunity for many who may have been looking for steady employment for some time.  More after the jump...  

If you lack the skills needed, seek out trade and vocational schools in the area.  Many of them are offering courses to help people qualify for shale industry jobs.

However, employers in the shale industry say that there is one problem which causes more people to be passed over for new jobs than any other:  drugs.  Simply put, if you are on drugs then you are not going to be hired.

An article in Lisbon's Morning Journal sums it up well:

Passing a drug test is a requirement for all employees in this industry because of the safety issue. Shale employers also conduct random drug testing and successfully passing a drug test is also a condition for being admitted to some types of training for these jobs.
The shale industry poses big opportunities but county residents must be able to take advantage of them. If you're interested, get trained and get straight. We have much to celebrate, but the party won't include drug users.

Getting off drugs is a good idea anyways, but this gives added impetus for area residents.  If you want to benefit from the economic good fortune associated with the shale drilling, the first thing you need to do is make sure that you are clean.

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