Shale Bringing Attention to Ohio From Steel & Chemical Industries

From EID Ohio:
Steel and chemical companies are both eying Ohio thanks to Utica Shale development.  In recent weeks both industries have been touting the fact that due to shale development, their industries are seeing brand new opportunities.  Both industries, which have been extremely important to Ohio’s past, present, and future, have been seeing a downtrend in in the state for many years and are now poised to return to their role as former powerhouses of Ohio’s economy.
Due to shale development, Ohio’s steel industry is seeing a resurgence by making tubular steel and fittings for shale development.  In Youngstown, V&M Star has begun producing the tubular steel as has US Steel in Lorain.  Although that has been a very important story to Ohioans and one we should all be proud of, it should be noted that companies producing tubular steel aren’t the only steel companies taking advantage of shale development.
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