Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon & Susan Sarandon Sharing Their "Expertise" on Fracking While Touring PA

From SFGate:
Yoko OnoSean Lennon and Susan Sarandon spoke out against fracking Thursday during a tour of natural-gas drilling sites in northeastern Pennsylvania, warning about what they view as the danger to air, water and human health. 
The celebrities boarded a tour bus in New York City and headed to rural Susquehanna County to see gas wells, compressor stations and other evidence of the Marcellus Shale drilling boom, and to visit with residents who say they have been negatively impacted by drilling. 
Tom Shepstone of Energy In Depth, an industry group, trailed the sleek silver Mercedes tour bus — which had trouble negotiating an icy hill at one point and had to creep back down — and declared the celebrity visit to be a publicity stunt.
There's something very amusing and at the same time disturbing about the fact that many articles in the media basically give equal weight to what these celebrities (who let's face it, don't really know very much at all about gas drilling and are the quintessential example of attention-seeking activists who latch onto the cause of the moment and make it their own) say about fracking as is given to scientists and researchers.  After all, Yoko Ono is the same person who designed this:

I'm just saying...

Read the rest of the article here. 

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