Website Shares Over 800 Tales of Fracking Woe

By clicking right here you can see a list of over 800 people who claim (or whom the Pennsylvania Alliance for Clean Water and Air claims) they've suffered negative affects from fracking.

In a quick perusal, I found several that were in Ohio.  One was the worker who was killed in an explosion in Bolivar last summer - which really had nothing to do with fracking.  And at least one person was listed twice on this page, so the total number given may be somewhat deceiving.  And no doubt some will feel that some or most of the stories can be taken with a grain of salt.  However, it is a somewhat interesting resource, featuring links to media reports on the stories people have shared in many cases.

Here are some quick links to some of the Ohio stories on the site:

Jaime Frederick

Richard and Thelma Payne

Kari Matsko

Susan Fowler

Dawn and Carl Siers

Erin in Port Washington

Christine Moore

Beckie Dean

Mark and Sandra Mangan

The Klines

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