Environmentalist Likens Fracking to the Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre

From a Daily Freeman letter to the editor:

Yoko Ono wondered aloud recently about the sanity of those who seem to think it’s "normal" that a family with water problems due to hydraulic fracturing (fracking) can set their tap water on fire with a match.
I agree with her, and I also wonder about the sanity of those who seem to think it’s "normal" for a homicidal maniac to break into an elementary school armed with assault weapons and slaughter the innocents, 20 children and six staff members, at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. They seem to think it’s "normal," as they protest any and all suggestions for rational restrictions to be imposed on the assault gunslingers of the land.
These catastrophic developments -- the spread of fracking and the spread of gun violence -- would seem to be unrelated, but what links them is what people in this country are becoming inured to, what people are willing to tolerate. 
Read the whole thing here. 

The rhetoric over fracking seems to be reaching a whole new level.

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