No Surprises: FrackNation Gets Energy in Depth's Seal of Approval

From Energy in Depth:
The movie Frack Nation premiered Monday night.  The film is a case of the good guys hitting a home run that changes the entire game.  It reclaims the debate by telling the truth about Josh Fox, his movie Gasland and hydraulic fracturing.  It excels in weaving together the science and the story in high-quality cinema, giving voice to ordinary citizens impacted by the campaign against natural gas being spearheaded by wealthy NIMBY’s.
Some of the stars of Frack Nation made the trip to the Chelsea Theater in New York City last night to see the premier of the film, and no one was disappointed.   Roughly 200 patrons, all but a handful of whom were natural gas supporters, enthusiastically applauded the release of a movie telling their story, while dispensing with the major lies Josh Fox told in Gasland.
Ironically, Fox may have poisoned the well of public opinion for a brief time, as he turned the truth on its head and accused the natural gas industry of his own sins. Frack Nation, in a fair play turnabout based on the facts, exposes his work for what it is and, in the end, leaves the Fox running like a rabbit.  It’s getting some good reviews already, especially as compared to Promised Land.
Read the whole rave review here. 

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