Once Again, a Reminder: If You Want an Oil & Gas Industry Job, STOP DOING DRUGS

We've pointed this out before, and really it seems like it shouldn't have to be said.  But the facts show that there are plenty of people who haven't figured it out yet.  If you want to cash in on the jobs being created from shale development, doing drugs is going to get in your way.

From ideastream.org:
Rhonda Reda is head of the Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Program. She says abuse of prescription and illegal drugs makes it difficult to find enough workers.
BORGERDING: “Percentage wise what’s the rejection rate among actual applicants?”
REDA: “From the companies we’ve spoke to and what actual numbers that we’re getting is 50, 60 percent. That’s pretty high.”
BORGERDING: “50 to 60 percent rejected because of this?”
REDA: “Correct, correct.”
Read the rest of the story here. 

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