Local Economy Benefiting From Columbiana Processing Plant

From The Salem News:
[Construction coordinator Baron] John said that while most of the plant's workers-including the contracting company hired for the construction-are from out of state, local involvement has been crucial, and will continue to be, he added.
"We are pulling from all over. We try to get the locals involved as much as possible," he said.
Ten heavy duty equipment trucks, including the one John drives around the site, were purchased from the Huebner Chevrolet Subaru dealership in Carrollton, and local food is delivered on a nearly daily basis.
Scott Cole, owner of the dealership, said the 2012 Chevy Silverado extended cab four-wheel drive trucks were bought by the company over a period of six months last year.
"It's great. It's wonderful for business. I think establishing a relationship with some of these companies has been great," he said.
Read the whole article here. 

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