Anti-Drilling Activist Rips Into FrackNation on Shale Reporter

From Shale Reporter comes a...I guess it would be more of a response to FrackNation than a review of it, written by Suzie Gilbert, who frequently writes articles with an anti-fracking spin.

An excerpt:
“FrackNation” is a fairly well done low-level propaganda film, although almost all of its claims can be refuted by a quick Google search (DAILY DIGGER NOTE: As can almost all of Josh Fox's claims in Gasland - anything on the topic of fracking can be refuted on Google because there are so many bought and paid for studies going both ways). It contains some amusing bits, such as shots of outdoorsy types beating their chests on top of the Baldwin Hills Overlook (above a fracking site) and exclaiming “The air here is so fresh, it’s like you’re close to heaven!” while the Los Angeles smog hovers menacingly in the background.
Gilbert even accuses FrackNation and the oil and gas industry of engaging in some sort of "don't ask-don't tell" conspiracy in connection with the producers' fundraising efforts, despite acknowledging that she has no evidence to support that claim:
The “FrackNation” team makes a big point of saying they accepted no money from oil and gas companies “or their senior executives.”
But what about their junior executives?
Disclaimers like this make me envision gas company meetings where hapless lower-tier employees were told that if they didn’t shell out a few bucks to help fund “FrackNation,” Josh Fox would appear in a cloud of smoke and take their jobs away. I suspect that the few bucks might even have been supplied by the gas companies, although obviously I can’t prove it. My temporary conspiracy-theory madness is only heightened by the fact that in 2009, McAleer and McElhinney were listed as the most popular right-wing speakers in the country, just after Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter.
Read the whole post here.

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