Carroll County Oil & Gas Activity Eases Budget Concerns

From the Free Press Standard:
Commissioners did not ask VanHorne to recertify the county’s funds when the anticipated income level was reached in 2012, thus the county has a large carryover into the new year – about $1.6 million. 
Asked where the extra money came from, VanHorne replied, “it’s ours thanks to the oil and gas industry.” 
Sales tax receipts for the first 10 months of 2012 were up $542,306.99 over the previous year and totaled $2,181,024.48. 
“The landsmen were here in full force,” he said. “They stayed in hotels,  ate in restaurants and spent money in county businesses. The last couple months, they have moved on to other counties and I saw a drop in the collection for the last month, which tells me they were a big part of the increase.”
Read the whole article here. 

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