Fracking and UFO's Linked?

Spacemen and landmen converging in Texas?
From Forbes comes this article:
Elements of the anti-fracking movement wasted no time in capitalizing on a January 13 report in the San Antonio Express News in which oilfield workers near Artesia Wells in the Eagle Ford Shale region report seeing “unidentified lights in the night skies” and even captured blurry video footage of one of them.  The association of the UFO phenomenon with hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking” as it has come to be known, created an immediate sensation throughout the anti-fracking community.
The Park Foundation was the first to jump in, announcing that it would fund a study to be conducted by Cornell University Professors Anthony Ingraffea and Robert Howarth to explore the emissions implications of UFO traffic caused by fracking.  “We don’t know at this time how these spaceships are powered,” Howarth stated, “but if it’s related to fracking, well, it just can’t be anything good.”
Shortly after the Park Foundation announcement, anti-fracking activists Sean Lennon and Yoko Ono announced they would stage a free concert in Central Park in early February to raise awareness of the growing threat of fracking-related UFO activity.  “We’re, like, really concerned, you know?” Lennon said when asked about the event’s goal, “Like, UFOs and fracking – it’s a growing threat to everyone.”
Of course this isn't a real report (other than the part about workers seeing strange lights in the sky), but is intended to amuse while also mocking the lengths to which fracktivists often are willing to go in their attempts to make people scared of gas drilling.

Read the whole article here.

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