EID Takes an Amusing Look at the Celebrity Anti-Fracking Tour of PA

The bus used for Ono & company's anti-fracking,
anti-fossil fuel tour...which gets about 8 miles per gallon
From Energy in Depth:
Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon, together with a host of other characters, jumped into two Mercedes vehicles to head to Dimock and campaign against natural gas in New York, the same natural gas that heats the home of the Beatles beneficiaries.
Yesterday, Tom and I had an opportunity to travel to Dimock, Pennsylvania for a magical mystery tour with some names and faces from Hollywood .  There was one legitimate star, Susan Sarandon, a couple of lesser known entities (Sean Lennon and Josh Fox) and Yoko Ono, the name made famous by her marriage to John Lennon and, to a much lesser extent, her loco line of clothing.
The tour was an attempt to lend their support to what they imagine to be a trendy cause.  I can’t help suspecting, though, one goal for the stunt might have been to boost results for the release of Sean’s new album.  Regardless, the group was accompanied by well-known local natural gas opponents Vera Scroggins, a/k/a Vera Duerga, and Craig Stevens.  Also joining in the fun wereRebecca Roter from Bucks County, and Wes Wilson, who donned his old EPA jacket for added effect.
It’s worth noting there were no regulatory officials or actual experts on the bus.  There were no geologists,no engineers and no representatives from natural gas companies. There wasn’t even anyone with natural gas wells or infrastructure on their property among the group.  There were only celebrities and local anti-natural gas activists who have achieved minor notoriety fighting with their neighbors.
Read the rest of this article, which breaks down the tour group's interesting activities and has some entertaining video from the day, by clicking here. 

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