Article Calls Out Industry for Funding Research, Ignores Anti-Fossil Fuel Organizations Which Do the Same

From Common Dreams comes another biased article on the fracking debate.  This one goes on about the funding received from the oil and gas industry by institutions researching fracking and reach conclusions favorable to drillers - but oddly makes no mention of the funding from environmental organizations that backs research which concludes the drilling process is unsafe.

An excerpt:
Big energy companies have always had a large presence on campus, sponsoring conferences and scholarships and funding research. But nowadays, this influence has been extended below the campus as well. In Pennsylvania, Governor Tom Corbett signed a bill recently that would allow drilling to take place on state university property. Not to be left behind, Ohio, Colorado and West Virginia have also begun leasing out their own hallowed educational ground for drilling (Texas has been doing so for years).
Read the whole article here.

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