Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fracktivists Say 60% of Shale Wells Fail Over Time - But What Does Reality Say?

From Energy in Depth:
Let’s start by taking a look at these “industry documents” that opponents would have us believe are the Holy Grail of anti-shale activism. The main source is a decade-old article in Oilfield Review examining what’s known as sustained casing pressure, or SCP. There is indeed a graph on the second page detailing that, over a 30 year time span, 60 percent of wells will be affected by SCP.
But what’s listed in the caption – and what no activist ever mentions – is just as if not more important: the graph refers to offshore wells in the Gulf of Mexico. The data came directly from the now-defunct Minerals Management Service, which was the federal agency tasked with regulating offshore oil and gas development in federal waters.
The caption also states clearly: “These data do not include wells in state waters or land locations.”
Read the whole article here.

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