Monday, January 14, 2013

FrackNation Called "Unabashedly One-Sided"

From Phlog comes a review of FrackNation.  Here is an excerpt:
From start to finish, FrackNation demonstrates the right's inability to simultaneously process disparate thoughts – a deficiency that's best exemplified in a voiceover line toward the beginning: “Despite all the good news, fracking is controversial.” It's too bad, because like Fox, McAleer is a skilled enough storyteller to move an audience outside of his immediate, fire-breathing fan base. That won't likely happen with this project; while FrackNation is impressively produced, it's unabashedly one-sided, and consciously devoid of any real concessions.
Read the whole review here.

Meanwhile, there is a new ad circulating for FrackNation.

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