Ohio Supreme Court to Rule on Anti-Drilling Charters by September 15

From the Akron Beacon Journal:
Residents of Medina, Fulton and Athens counties have filed a lawsuit against Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted for blocking local votes on county charter initiatives to block natural gas pipelines and injection wells. 
The suit was filed on Wednesday with the Ohio Supreme Court. 
The case has been fast-tracked as an election case because it involves issues for the Nov. 3 ballot. 
A decision is expected by Sept. 15 by the Ohio Supreme Court. 
Last week, Husted invalidated county charter initiatives and said they would not appear on the Nov. 3 ballot in the three counties. 
He said in a statement that each proposal attempted to circumvent state law and was contrary to court rulings that have upheld the Ohio Constitution. He added that allowing the illegal proposals to proceed would be a waste of taxpayers’ time and money.
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The only prediction I can give for this case: whatever decision the court makes, there are going to be a lot of people mad about it.

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