Environmental Group Calls Clean Power Plan's Shift Away From Natural Gas "Welcome News"

From the Huffington Post:
America is taking historic action against climate change. On Monday, President Obama announced the first-ever national limits on carbon pollution from power plants. This breakthrough will help shield future generations from climate chaos and prevent thousands of premature deaths each year. It is also a major opportunity for us to shift away from fossil fuels--including natural gas--by expanding clean, renewable power. 
This is welcome news for people living on the frontlines of reckless fracking for natural gas. 
Natural gas companies have a track record of running roughshod over communities. Frack pads are often sunk in people's backyards and neighborhoods and have been linked to increased air pollution and contaminated drinking water. When the Environmental Protection Agency first proposed carbon limits a year ago, some groups feared the agency's plan would promote natural gas as a "bridge" fuel between coal and renewable energy. 
Instead the EPA's final Clean Power Plan puts energy efficiency and renewable energy front and center as the path to meeting the targets for carbon pollution reductions. That means that as we all work together to have clean energy replace the need for coal and natural gas, more communities can be shielded from the threats of fracking and more communities can reap the benefits of clean energy.
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