Landowners in Summit and Stark Counties Now Facing Lawsuits for NEXUS Pipeline Surveys

As has happened in other counties in Ohio, the company behind the NEXUS pipeline is taking to the courts to get a warrant to conduct surveys on the land of residents who have refused to grant permission.  In the Summit County city of Green in particular the opposition to the project has been fierce, with the company feeling the necessity to send security personnel with the surveyors as they carry out their work due to threats that have been received.

From the Akron Beacon Journal:
A Texas-based pipeline company intends to file lawsuits on Thursday against Summit County residents who have refused to allow the company’s surveyors. 
Nexus Gas Transmission LLC notified residents of Green and New Franklin of the impending legal action in notices delivered to their homes on Wednesday. 
The company said it intends to seek temporary restraining orders in Summit County Common Pleas Court to allow access to the private property for its surveyors for the proposed Nexus Pipeline that will cross northern Ohio. 
The company said that such denials are causing problems in preparing plans for the $2 billion pipeline. 
Efforts to contact the company about the number of suits that will be filed were unsuccessful. 
Attorney David Mucklow, who lives in Green and has been active against the pipeline, said he intends to file legal papers opposing the company’s request, after the Nexus request is filed.
UPDATE (8/6/15 2:49 P.M.):

The Akron Beacon Journal reports that 91 landowners in Summit County are named in the lawsuit, which was filed today.

Likewise, from the Canton Repository:
NEXUS Gas Transmission has sued several Stark County landowners for permission to survey their property for a proposed natural gas pipeline. 
The company says the landowners, who control 11 parcels, have refused to allow surveys. 
NEXUS Gas Transmission filed the lawsuit Friday. Stark County Common Pleas Judge Taryn Heath has scheduled a hearing for Aug. 13. 
NEXUS says it has the right under Ohio law to survey the properties and is asking the court to give surveyors immediate access. The company has taken similar action against landowners in other counties.
Many of the similar lawsuits filed in the state have resulted in the pipeline company receiving access to the properties in question, although in Medina County a judge ruled in favor of the landowners.

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