Armed Security Officers Protecting NEXUS Pipeline Surveyors as They Work in Green

From the Akron Beacon Journal:
The city is not sending representatives for the Nexus pipeline project to survey properties for the project, Mayor Dick Norton advised in a letter to residents Monday. 
A Green property owner told the city a surveying crew attempted to gain access to the property by saying the city sent them to complete the survey. 
"This is simply not true," Norton said. 
"It is the right of any property owner to deny or allow these surveys to take place. Nexus representatives cannot access your property without your permission or a court order," he said. 
Norton city Law Director Steve Pruneski said the company has the right to request permission to do the survey, but if the property owner does not want to allow them on their land, they have the right to say so, even though the surveyors may be accompanied by an armed security officer.
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Green is fighting the pipeline, trying to force the company to re-route the project around the city.  Representatives of the NEXUS pipeline have previously stated that the plan proposed by the city is “not considered to be a reasonable alternative to the proposed route.”  The fact that the company feels armed protection is needed to simply conduct surveys underlines the fiery opposition they are facing.

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