Today's Links, Mega Edition - Economic Perspective on Fracking, Federal Fracking Laws, FrackNation Update, Fracking Conspiracy Theories, EPA a Job Killer, and More

Here is a big list of oil and gas news links.

Check out a well-written article from economist Ed Dolan that examines the correct way to deal with the economic challenges related to fracking.

U.S. government says that all fracking chemicals must be disclosed for drilling on public land - but only after drilling.
View the American Natural Gas Alliance's response to the new laws here.

Ann McElhinney continues to spread the word about FrackNation.

A passionate blogger states things that are not facts as facts and says the government is only concerned with protecting big business.

The Washington Post looks at the EPA and their "job-killing" ways.

Cornell veterinarians claim that fracking poisons animals and people.

Execs outline shale jobs potential at Ohio Energy Jobs Summit.

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