Fracktivist in Dimock Releases Carefully Edited Video, Refuses to Release the Rest

From Energy in Depth:

There is something very strange going on along Carter Road, in Dimock, Pennsylvania, and I’m not speaking of natural gas, methane migration, contamination, litigation or even the extensive water testing there by the EPA and others.  No, I’m talking about a new “Watergate” conspiracy, complete with 18 minutes of missing tape (well, video, actually).
It seems the ever-present Green Party member and naturist Vera Scroggins (a/k/a Vera Duerga) has posted a video of Craig Sautner meeting with the EPA.  Mysteriously, the video is but 14 seconds in length, cutting off conversation in what is obviously mid-stream.  It raises a question Craig Sautner, like Ronald Reagan in Kings Row, might have asked, “Where’s the rest of me?’  Carter Road, isn’t Kings Row, of course, (at least not until you arrive at the mansion Scott Ely, one of the Dimock litigants, is building with his royalty money), but there appears to be a whole lot of film editing going on there to fit the movie script.
So, what about that video?  Well, here it is, all 14 seconds of it (let’s hope Vera doesn’t take it down):
Notice the rising anger?
Notice the look on the woman’s face, like she’s seen this before and knows what’s coming?
Notice the tone of the EPA official, like he, too, has been down this road before?
Notice how the video just stops, dead, at the point when Craig is obviously going to say much, much more?
If you did notice these things, you weren’t the first, as comments made on this YouTube site indicate.
Comment:Vera I don’t begrudge anybody. I hope all those who have affects from drilling are made whole. I know several people who have suffered. But you obviously taped a lot more than 14 seconds of this meeting. There is a reason the EPA guy wouldn’t drink the water & you censored his response. This kind bias does no one any good. You only weaken the case for those who have suffered damage from the drilling by tarnishing their truth with your half truths. Tell the whole truth or none at all.
What Vera Has to Say After Being Challenged to Show Full Video:I’m not afraid. I can show it at some point; the Sautners get very upset upon hearing what the EPA has to say and not ready to show all this upset to the public. Want some privacy. have to wait for their permission. Imagine anyone’s frustration and upset dealing with government agencies and industry and wanting their water fixed and clean again after years of struggle. It’s a horrific, nightmarish thing to go through. No one can fully understand the pain of this unless you experience it.
It appears the Sautners might have said some things they’d rather not have the public know, doesn’t it? They’re more than willing to shed their privacy to challenge Cabot, DEP, EPA and all the other folks who have investigated and found their water to be safe.  The phrase “Craig Sautner, Dimock” generates 28,100 pages on Google but, suddenly, the world is supposed to respect their privacy so they can tell but half the story?  It’s a bit like the brown water they carry around in that jug – effective as long as it’s not tested – isn’t it?  We’ve heard more than a few complaints from the Sautners about Cabot “not telling the whole story” but it seems that complaint should be directed to the mirror on their wall and, perhaps, Vera Scroggins.  What’s good for the goose …

Click here to view the whole article and the subsequent comments on EID's site, including comments between Vera and the author of the article.

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