Al Gore Likes the Idea of Banning Fracking, But Does That Really Make Sense?

From John Hanger's Facts of the Day blog:
Al Gore is wrong about a key energy and climate change issue.  I know that won't surprise all of my readers, while others will insist Gore is not wrong at all.
Al Gore tweeted last night to support Vermont's ban of hydraulic fracturing. Gore's embrace of Vermont matters, as he has the respect of millions, including me.  Those thinking otherwise misjudge our diverse nation.
But, if his position wins the day, Gore would unintentionally increase carbon pollution, over the next 20 years, and would reverse the collapse in coal's electricity market share.  Indeed, Al Gore will find support for his proposal to ban fracking in some parts of coal country.
Beyond causing more pollution and not less, banning hydraulic fracturing would also bring more hardship for Americans straining to pay bills and looking for jobs. To the affluent, energy savings matter not much.
But to Pennsylvanians at or below the median income of $49,000 before taxes, $1,450 matters a lot.  And shale gas has saved many Americans, including tens of millions of poor Americans, $1,450 per year in lower natural gas heating and electricity bills, savings that would not have happened and would be lost, if all states took the path walked by Vermont and urged by Gore.
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