Daily Links: Columbiana County Experiencing Uptick in Shale Activity, The Onion Takes a Swing at Fracking, Waterless Fracking, Fracking Blamed for Crime Wave, More Water Testing Information

Here are some links to get you caught up.  I've been tied up working on a story here in Carrollton, so I haven't had time to post each of the following individually.

Columbiana County is seeing more drilling permits issued.
And updates to an industrial complex for shale activity.

The Onion offers their special brand of reporting on fracking.

A shale site aims to use a waterless fracking method.

Fracking blamed for "destroy[ing] the fabric of communities and undermin[ing] the long-term prosperity of the states, cities and towns that it touches."

Tests link methane in water to natural sources rather than gas drilling.

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