EID Breaks Down the Video of the Sautner's Angry Meeting With the EPA

Energy in Depth has released an article with their breakdown of the video we referenced last week of the Sautner family meeting with the EPA in Dimock regarding the test results from their water well.  After reading EID's take on the video, I feel like they expressed many of my feelings on it.  While the video was attempting to manipulate viewers into hating the EPA through careful editing and some rather bizarre conclusions and statements that are blazed across the screen throughout, to me it was the Sautners who come off looking bad after blowing their top and insisting the EPA representatives drink the water they'd stored in jugs.

From Energy in Depth:
We reported earlier on a video of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) staffers falling victim to a temper tantrum from Craig and Julie Sautner, the well-known litigants from Dimock. The EPA visited the Sautners to explain the findings of their water test results last week. The meeting did not go well. Vera Scroggins, who was there, posted a 14 second video snippet of the interaction. Like most rational individuals, we realized pretty quickly there was more to the story and asked why the remaining footage was not shared. This week, another activist who was also in attendance, Lisa Barr of New York, released all 38 minutes and 29 seconds of the footage, complete with her own dubious interpretations of what occurred. It makes for quite a story – one of anger, confusion, frustration and ignorance. We call it SautnerGate.
And another excerpt which sums the article up well:

All one has to do is watch the video for themselves and hear the EPA’s explanations.  We hold no admiration for the EPA.  Their mission in Dimock was ill-conceived to say the least.  That doesn’t, however, mean the staff wasn’t honest in reporting the results.  They only confirmed what Cabot and DEP observed earlier, which is hardly a surprise.  The litigants wanted a change and didn’t get it.  They see a lawsuit being eviscerated by their actions–their decision to invite in the EPA, among other things.
There was no point at which the EPA officials did not patiently answer the Sautners’ questions to the best of their ability.  Their answers just weren’t what the Sautners wanted to hear, and now anti-natural gas activists are attempting to demonize the agency to keep Dimock in the spotlight.
One is compelled to ask shouldn’t knowing their water is not a health risk be considered good news?  When will the activists holding signs demanding clean water for Dimock celebrate the fact it’s gotten a clean bill of health?
These questions shouldn’t even need to be asked. Cabot’s test showed the water was fine. DEP’s tests showed the water is safe. EPA’s tests showed the water is safe.  Unfortunately for the litigants, it seems they have run out of government agencies and respectable institutions to harass in their search of the answers they want to hear.  The reason, the answers they want to hear simply do not exist.

Read the entire article here.

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