Carroll County Residents Dish on the Good & Bad of Shale Boom

From WOUB:
People talk about the impact of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking on the land, but it can also impact the community in which drillers operate.
Some Carroll County residents are reacting to the hydraulic fracturing taking place in their area.
The debate over hydraulic fracturing-- or fracking-- rages on in southeast Ohio. Although Athens County has yet to see any drilling, nearby communities could soon see extraction in their area.
"When they pick a well site, I think they pick it from Oklahoma City. It was clear up this huge hill we have down the other side just as far as in the foods and valley, and I said you can't go there," said John Neider.  He and his wife fun a dairy farm and now have a fracking site on their property.
"We never expected anything to come of this, then all of a sudden, it just all kind of blind-sided you," said Neider. 
Five generations of Amy Rutledge's family have lived in Carroll County, Ohio.  The county is now in the heat of a fracking boom.  As the director of Carroll County Chamber of Commerce, Rutledge has seen the county change as natural gas developers' move into the area.
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