Executive States That Ohio Has Oil & Gas Reserves to Rival Saudi Arabia

From News Channel 5:

MAYFIELD HEIGHTS, Ohio - Ohio's natural gas and oil production potential is massive, and there are ways to secure the energy resources for the future.
That was the discussion about the state's energy future with some of the leading minds in the industry, which kept the attention of the crowd at Executive Caterers Corporate Club of Landerhaven. It was moderated by NewsChannel5's Leon Bibb.
David Mansbery, president and founder of Duck Creek Energy, said the hydraulic fracturing is a necessary part of securing our energy future.
"You have to liberate the oil and gas from the rock, and it's necessary to do that with hydraulic fracturing," Mansbery said.
He said the shale in Ohio and Pennsylvania is important to the entire country. Mansbery cited what he called recent studies that show the energy reserves in that shale is immense.
"We do contain the reserves of Saudi Arabia," Mansbery said.
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