Most Endangered Rivers List Provides Commentary on Fracking Hysteria

Last year's fracking fears for the Susquehanna overblown?
From John Hanger's excellent blog:
After saying last year that the Susquehanna River was the Number 1 Most Endangered River in the nation, could American Rivers decision to remove entirely the Susquehanna River from its list of the 10 Most Endangered Rivers be a sign that drilling hysteria is lessening?
American Rivers put the Susquehanna River on its 2011 list, because it judged that gas drilling imperiled the Susquehanna and the drinking water it provided to 6 million people. American Rivers also had asked the Susquehanna River Basin Commission to impose a moratorium on gas drilling.

One year later, two conclusions can be said with 100% certainty about American Rivers 2011 designation.

First, none of the 6 million people whose drinking water comes from the Susquehanna River had any problems from May 2011 to May 2012, as a result of gas drilling. What a relief! In fact, that result is not surprising at all, though fear-mongering caused some people to worry indeed. 
Second, the SRBC refused to impose a moratorium on drilling, saying partly it had no authority to do so.
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