Energy in Depth Takes Another Look at Dimock

From Energy in Depth:

As we arrived at Carter Road I had an excited feeling. This is it. I finally get to see what all the hype has been about, i told myself.  I prepared for the worst because, where I’m from Dimock and the term “wasteland” tend to be synonymous. While I knew much of what I had read in the news had already been refuted by science and water testing, I think I still expected to see some hint of truth on that famous stretch of road. I was happy to learn there was none. 
As I passed the Sautner’s house all I could see were dozens of anti natural gas signs, dirty looks shot my way and reporters. This was the only hint of discontent; the only marring of a sleepy road that has been given an undo spotlight by the world. 
One of these signs (see below) especially caught my eye. It was a “For Sale” sign on the Sautner property in the amount of $5,000,000! I’ve heard stories of price gouging in the media, but that about takes the cake. This family has already been offered twice the value of their home, and yet they have continuously asked for money over clean water. That sign was a real eye opener to what is really going on in an otherwise quiet town.  It was obviously intended as some form of sarcasm, but it still provides insight into what this ongoing discussion is all about. 
We passed the Sautner’s house and pulled into their neighbors’ who live not more then a few hundred feet from the house with “bad drinking water.” It was here that I met one of the nicest and kind spirited people I have ever met. She didn’t give me any dirty looks, instead, offered me something to eat and the opportunity to hear the side of the story the media doesn’t seem interested in covering.  She was in Gasland, by the way, and is none too happy with Josh Fox.

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