Huge Collection of Links - New Way to Attract Lease Offers, More Trouble for Chesapeake CEO, Anti-Frackers Paying for Proof That Fracking is Dangerous, and More

Here are a whole bunch of links to get you up to date:

ShaleNavigator gives access to tons of oil and gas lease resources.

Chesapeake CEO Aubrey McClendon is under even more fire, now for running a $200 million hedge fund in the same commodities Chesapeake produces.

First the EPA concluded that fracking contaminated the water in Pavillion, Wyoming.
Then they decided that they should double check.
Now an "independent" study - you know, as independent as it can be when it's being backed by a bunch of anti-fracking groups - has concluded that the EPA was right in the first place and fracking is to blame.

Meanwhile, another report paid for by anti-frackers concludes that fracking chemicals will migrate to the surface and contaminate groundwater because a researcher got a computer model to show that it is possible.

A draft rule being considered by the Interior Department will allow drillers to frack first and disclose chemicals used later.

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