How Can a Business Get Contracts With Oil & Gas Industry?

From Business Journal Daily comes some advice on getting contracts with the energy companies that are in the area:

Only one thing is worse than loading a truck at 2 a.m.: Seeing your competitor load the truck at 2 a.m.
So warns Brooks Miller, vice president of regional sales for Ken Miller Supply as he summarizes a day of how-to advice for business owners and managers seeking contracts in the emerging oil and gas industry.
“If you want to be successful supplying these shale drillers, you have to be available all the time,” Miller says. “These people are spending $20,000 a day for a drilling rig. So if they need something at two in the morning or July Fourth weekend, you better be ready to service them or else your competitor will.”
Miller told those attending the packed Ohio Shale Energy Conference April 11 in Cambridge that demand for his company’s products has gone up 10 times since the shale industry arrived.
While adding higher-grade ancillary items and upgrading equipment to meet production got the Wooster supply company’s “work boots in the door, paying careful attention to customer service kept the dollars coming,” Miller says.

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