Area Unions Not Happy With Number of Locals Being Hired by Energy Companies

The Times Reporter reports that local unions are trying to gather support to put pressure on oil and gas companies to hire local residents wherever possible.

Here is an excerpt:

Tuscarawas County commissioners have been asked to join neighboring counties in passing a resolution in support of using local workers in the region’s burgeoning oil and gas industry.
Tim Mulford, business manager for Laborers Local No. 134 in Newcomerstown, and Dan Foshee, business manager for Laborers Local 530 in Zanesville, met with commissioners Monday about the resolution. They already had talked with Coshocton County commissioners on the same issue earlier in the day.
The resolution would be non-binding, since counties do not have the authority to tell energy companies who they must hire.
Similar resolutions have already been approved in Harrison, Belmont and Jefferson counties.
Mulford said his union has learned from workers in other states where oil and gas development is underway that the issue needs to be brought up. “If we don’t squeak, we won’t get any grease,” he told commissioners.
In a statement provided to the media, Mulford said, “I have lived in this area for all my life and have been a local construction laborer for over 30 years. I have talked with other construction laborers living in the Carroll, Harrison, Jefferson County areas. They are totally discouraged on the lack — or in other words zero percent — of work they are getting from this construction-based shale gas industry.
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