07/10/15 Links of the Day: EPA Partying with Enviro Groups, Drillers Produce Despite Low Prices, and More

Vox:  The Green Case for Fracking   -   "Back in 2007, energy companies first began to realize that the United States contained vast supplies of natural gas trapped in underground shale-rock formations, which they could unlock through new fracking and horizontal drilling techniques.  At the time, some environmentalists hailed this as a major green breakthrough. After all, natural gas is much cleaner..."

Fox News:  Emails Show Party Planning and More Between EPA Official, Environmental Groups   -   "They worked hard, they played hard. Newly obtained emails reveal a seemingly close relationship, during and after work hours, between an EPA office and influential environmental groups -- showing a top agency official encouraged one such group to write an anti-coal report and even invited members to a summer bash featuring..."

DC Bureau:  Frackers Use EPA Draft Water Report to Raise Doubts on Science   -   "Last month’s Environmental Protection Agency draft report on fracking’s impact on U.S. drinking water served up a sound-bite gift to the energy industry for its fight against the spread of state and local fracking bans.  While the 998-page report cited specific instances where gas drilling contaminated water wells, the nation’s headline writers by a wide margin seized on..."

Fox&Hounds:  No Evidence Hydraulic Fracturing Hurts the Environment Says Report   -   "The release of the California Council on Science & Technology study of hydraulic fracturing is another important step in the implementation of the state’s comprehensive hydraulic fracturing regulations. The science-based findings of the CCST report stand in sharp contrast to much of the inflammatory and inaccurate commentary ..."

Farm and Dairy:  Gas Dispute Pits Butler County Residents Against Each Other   -   "A dispute over the approval of a gas well pad near school district property and changes in township zoning to allow more drilling has pitted some Butler County residents against each other and resulted in more than one pending court case. Since early 2014, Middlesex Township officials and residents have tangled over the prospect of..."

Forbes:  Fracking Opponents Ditch Science, Embrace Hysteria   -   "I often encourage petroleum executives to listen to and engage their political opponents, on the grounds that many are rational and can be reasoned with. (Also, they are sometimes right.) But the fracking debate threatens to descend into the worst type of demagoguery, to the ..."

OilPrice.com:  The Next Fracking Boom May Be Closer Than You Think   -   "Even as the fallout from the Greek debacle continues to hammer oil prices, investors need to be on the lookout for future opportunities in the industry. One country that has generated a lot of interest among energy companies and investors is Mexico. Now, as America’s southern neighbor moves to..."

Energy in Depth:  New Report Shows Drilling Waste is Being Properly Managed   -   "A new study by the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (WVDEP) found there is little reason for concern regarding how drilling waste associated with shale development is being disposed of in landfills. WVDEP summarized in the report stating, “…The researchers found little concern with regards to..."

Reuters:  As Oil Teeters at $50, a Few Shale Producers Still Drilling More   -   "A handful of optimistic U.S. shale drillers are sticking with plans to deploy more rigs in the coming months even as oil prices take a sharp dive well below many producers' $60-a-barrel breakeven point. On Wednesday, Pioneer Natural Resources Co. became the first big company to publicly..." 

Star Gazette:  Fracking with Propane Proposed for Tioga County, NY   -   "A proposal to frack for natural gas using gelled propane and sand was announced Wednesday morning at Barton Town Hall in Tioga County. Snyder Farm Group spokesman Kevin "Cub" Frisbie said an application was filed Tuesday with..."

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