$800 Million Natural Gas-Fired Power Plant Breaks Ground in Carroll County

From WTOV 9:

A new energy plant is making its way into Carroll County, and it's set to create hundreds of jobs. 
Officials from Advance Power, along with state and county officials, gathered to break ground Tuesday afternoon on Carroll County Energy. 
"I thought why Carroll County?” Carroll County Commissioner Jeff Ohler asked. “We had what they wanted, and thank heavens we did because I think this is a life-changing situation for Carroll County." 
It’s an $800 million project. 
"We did a bunch of research in trying to find the right place for a plant where there where a number of older plants shutting down, and due to the Utica shale, it made the plants more competitive,” said Tom Spang, CEO of Advance Power. “And then the community was very supportive, so we are very excited to be here " 
Ohio Senator Lou Gentile and Congressman Bill Johnson were also in attendance. Both of whom were key players in bringing the company into the county.

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