Utica Shale Permitting Slows Last Week as Rig Count Increases

The latest Utica shale weekly permitting report from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources continues the up and down trend that Ohio's permit activity has followed in recent months.

After climbing to 21 permits during the week ending July 4 (more than the previous three weeks combined), activity slowed to just 10 new permits last week.  The bulk of that permitting was focused in Monroe County, with seven permits.  Six of those were issued to Statoil, and one to Antero Resources.  The remaining three permits were as follows: one to American Energy Utica for Belmont County, one to Hess Ohio for Harrison County, and one to Antero for Noble County.

With this activity there are now 1,974 permits issued for horizontal drilling in Ohio's Utica shale.  1,531 wells have been drilled and 922 are producing.  The rig count last week climbed from 16 to 19.

View the entire report below.

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