Women in Energy Summit Draws a Crowd at Zane State EPIC Center

From the Daily Jeffersonian:
There is more than one reason the "Women in Energy Summit" garnered so much attention -- women, in general -- have not taken advantage of the opportunities in the energy industry because working in gas and oil was always "a guy thing." Secondly, women of all ages want more information about what is out there for them. And, many of the women who are currently employed in the industry are getting ready to hang up their hard hats. 
The Summit, hosted by Congressman Bill Johnson (R-Marietta), at Zane State College EPIC Center in Cambridge Friday morning, was exactly their cup of tea. 
The event was focused primarily on the future generation of women who will have access to a plethora of jobs and careers in the gas and oil industry. 
Johnson said, "I want to make sure you know that there are many opportunities here in Ohio for you. The gas and oil industry has just begun to tap into our resources. We want you to know we are becoming the nation's and the world's most prolific energy producers, and we want you to be a part of it. To have a choice of the many jobs and careers that are available. And, we want you to prosper right here in your home towns." 
Approximately 144 women, including 50 female Cambridge Middle and High School students,. and 20 young women from Buckeye Trail High School, took advantage of a free highly charged dose of inspiration, motivation and education from 12 women who have earned the right to give advice on how to get a job, or have a career in the gas and oil industry.
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