New Poll: Fracking Not as Popular as it Used to Be

From NGI:
Less than half (44%) of Americans say they are familiar with hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and among them, 44% oppose it while 42% said they support fracking, according to the latest University of Texas at Austin (UT) Energy Poll. A majority of respondents said cities should have the power to ban fracking within their borders. 
The Latest UT Energy Poll IS the first to find That more Respondents Oppose fracking than Support it. Two years ago, fracking HAD Support Among 45% of poll Respondents, but That WAS down from 48% in the Prior year (See Shale Daily, April 11, 2013 ). As in previous Surveys, the responses fall out Along political lines. Among survey Respondents familiar with fracking, 65% of Republicans Support it, Compared with only 28% of Democrats. 
"Support for hydraulic fracturing on public lands also has declined," researchers said. "Among survey respondents familiar with the practice, 42% say its use should be banned on public lands, compared with 34% a year ago." 
Political ideology comes up again here, with 57% of Democrats supporting a ban of fracking on public lands, compared with only 23% of Republicans. Conversely, 56% of Republicans said fracking on public lands should be promoted, compared with only 23% of Democrats surveyed.
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