Belmont County Landowner Says XTO Energy is Trying to Strong Arm Him Into Signing Lease

From Shale Play:
Curtis Wallner is not sure what "nuisance oil" extracted via fracking is. 
Neither is a spokesman for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, which oversees mineral extraction in the Buckeye State. 
Because of that uncertainty, Wallner - who owns more than 26 mineral acres outside Bellaire along Sand Hill Road in an area that already features multiple wells in various stages of drilling and fracking - said he has declined to sign a lease with any drilling company. 
The wording of the latest offer he received calls for paying $8,000 per acre with 20 percent worth of production royalties. Although this would land him a check for $211,145.60, in addition to future royalties, Wallner refuses to sign, largely because of the nuisance oil term. 
"I told them I am not going to sign. So they said, 'We'll just take it then because we've got your government behind us,'" Wallner said. "This is all a big joke to me. It isn't right what they are doing to me, and it isn't right what they are doing to a lot of people."
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Have any of our readers encountered these sorts of tactics in negotiating with drillers?  Threatening someone with forced pooling and refusing to explain a strange term in the lease - a term which the article goes on to state that even a representative from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources is unfamiliar with - is definitely the sort of behavior that hurts the industry's reputation.

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