Belmont County Landowners Using Shale Money to Help Others in Community

Landowners give others a helping hand
From The Intelligencer/Wheeling News-Register:
A small group of Belmont County residents who are benefiting from the shale boom want to ensure their neighbors also reap the benefits for generations to come. 
While the fund grew exponentially in its first year, co-founder and advisory committee member Gabe Hays said he would like to see it swell to $10 million in the next 10-15 years, so the oil and gas legacy continues to improve the lives of Belmont County residents. 
The fund was established in December 2013 with an initial $25,000 in seed money from Rice Energy, which has a contract with a group of five landowners in Smith and Goshen townships who make up the fund's advisory committee. 
The fund has grown to $170,000 and already has awarded about $40,000 to nonprofit entities in the county, including the Barnesville food bank, several fire departments, the St. Clairsville library and Tri-County Help Center.
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With a lot of stories out there, stories which anti-drilling groups draw a lot of attention to, about the money that comes into communities from shale development causing rifts, it's refreshing to see people using a portion of their oil and gas money to help others who haven't profited from the new development.

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