Introducing The Daily Digger Mobile App!

We are happy to introduce our new app for The Daily Digger!

In over 3 years of publishing The Digger newsletter and The Daily Digger blog, we have shared over 3,000 articles with our readers.  We know that many access the site via their smartphones and tablets, and we hope that this new app will make it much more convenient to access the latest news and reports on the Utica shale - wherever you may be.


NEWS - Of course, you will be able to use the app to keep up-to-date on the latest Utica shale events.  Just tap on the "Latest News" icon and you can view the mobile version of The Daily Digger blog.

INTERACTIVE MAPS - Some of the most popular posts we have shared over the years have been well maps.  We hope, then, that all who download the app will enjoy being able to access interactive well maps in the palm of their hand.  The latest activity maps from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources will also be easily accessible.

REPORTS - Readers have also enjoyed our summaries and breakdowns of production data, as well as our weekly updates on permitting activity in the Utica shale.  That information is easily available in the "Reports" section of The Daily Digger app.  Other relevant reports and data will be added to this section as well.

SPECIAL OFFERS - The "Digger Deals" section of the app will share discount offers from our advertisers that are available to readers of The Daily Digger.  Remember, our sponsors are the only reason that we can afford to bring you all of this data through The Digger newsletter and The Daily Digger blog at no charge.  Please visit them, support them, and let them know that you saw them in The Digger and on The Daily Digger blog.

You can also check out the "Digger Deals" this month for information on our May 2015 monthly sweepstakes; find out how you could win the prize!

SOCIAL INTERACTION - Users of the app will have the option of posting messages to the "Social Wall", or using the "Chat" function to discuss the latest news.  Further, you can access The Digger Twitter feed and Facebook pages without needing to leave the app.


It is our sincere hope that you will enjoy the new app, which is available now at no charge in both the Google Play and Apple iTunes market.

Alternatively, you can also click right here if you are not using an Android or Apple device, and use the app in your mobile browser (just bookmark the site, add it to your launch page, and it will be almost like having the app installed on your device).

No matter what device you use, please scan this QR code and it will take you to the appropriate market listing or webpage to use the app on your device.


We have done testing on multiple devices, but please bear with us as we continue working to refine the app.  If you have any problems, suggestions, or feature requests, please send them to us by emailing  We would greatly appreciate it if you would communicate any concerns or problems to us and give us the chance to address them before posting any poor ratings or reviews.  This is our first app, and we'll do what we can to make it work for everyone.

Also, on Apple devices the app is optimized for iPhone, but it will work fine on iPad or iPod.  If you search for The Daily Digger on an iPad, it may not initially show up.  If you don't see The Daily Digger after searching for it, look to see if it says "iPad only" in the upper left hand corner of the App Store screen.  If so, tap on that and then when it drops down tap "iPhone only."  You should then see the app in your search results and be able to install it.  Of course, the easiest way is to simply scan the QR code or click on the "Available on the App Store" box above in this post.

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