Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Energy Researcher Offers Free Fracking Education for Celebrities

An energy researcher sent an interesting letter to Avengers star and headlining fracktivist Mark Ruffalo.

Here is an excerpt:

Dear Mark Ruffalo,
As an energy researcher I am disappointed that you are using the media attention over your new Avengers movie to attack “fracking”–the revolutionary technology that uses controlled explosives high-pressure water jets to fracture once-useless rock formations so as to release bountiful oil and natural gas.
I have no objection to celebrities getting involved with important political issues–if they understand them. Unfortunately, from the public statements made by you, Ethan Hawke, and other anti-fracking celebrities, it’s clear that no one has taught you the basics of how fracking works and why it is important.
I know it’s hard to be energy-savvy when acting is your full-time job, and especially when you are bombarded with propaganda by “green” advocacy groups that know next to nothing about energy.
So I have a proposal for you.
My organization, the Center for Industrial Progress, will teach you and other celebrities a Fracking 101 course, free of charge, as part of our new outreach program: Energy Education for Celebrities (EEFC).
Read the rest of the letter here.

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