Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Delaware County Man Charged For Harassing Chesapeake Employees in Carrollton

From the Times Reporter comes a story about a man who decided to take some time to scream at six employees of Chesapeake Energy while they were having lunch at the Ponderosa restaurant in Carrollton.

Police charged 44-year-old Glenn Mills, of Lewis Center, with disorderly conduct after the altercation occurred on Friday.  They said that Mills was upset about a lawsuit Chesapeake had allegedly filed against his 82-year-old mother, who lives in the area.  The Chesapeake employees tried to ignore Mills' angry comments, but he wouldn't leave them alone.  He approached their table and told them three times that "The honeymoon was about over with Chesapeake and then the shooting will start."

The Chesapeake employees left the restaurant and police were called to the scene.  While the officers spoke to the workers, Mills came out and said he was trying to get them to leave his mother alone.  After being charged, Mills was permitted to pay his fine of $220 and leave.

Just an observation from an outsider:  if you really are trying to get a company like Chesapeake to drop a lawsuit, I think you might want to start your efforts somewhere other than lunch hour at the Carrollton Ponderosa.

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  1. How embarrassing is this for the residents of Carroll County---! My experience with the oil and gas folks here has been that they are polite and respectful as well as friendly. In addition, the workers have nothing to do with any lawsuits---they're just ordinary guys trying to make a living and support their families back home!

  2. Unfortunately my dealings with Chesapeake have not been as positive as yours Cheri. I know of a few people that are in a lawsuit with Chesapeake and from what I have heard, Chesapeake has been pretty dirty. This Delaware Country man probably just felt that he was Doing God's Work by telling those workers off.

  3. I think the key statement from Cheri's comment is that those workers have nothing to do with any lawsuits. They're just guys trying to make a living.