What Should Landowners Do If Approached by Royalty Buyers?

From The Salem News:
A local landowner received a call a couple of weeks ago about selling the oil and gas royalties to his Salem Township property.
He had already leased the rights so he was a little surprised by the call.
But the caller, who identified himself as "land man" representing a Forth Worth, Texas-based company, realized he had not been heard correctly.
The caller said he was interested in the royalties and not the gas and oil rights.
The caller, who was doing most of the talking, made an offer for the royalties that the landowner called "tempting" but declined.
The landowner, who wished to be unnamed, said the caller knew about his property, but with public records in the Internet age, that's not unusual.
And the company has been persistent with subsequent calls offering to sweeten the deal.
"They've been around for awhile, I've heard that quite awhile ago," said Salem Township Trustee Chairman John Wilms.
"I've heard some stories," he said.
Read the entire article here.

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