More Attention For "Promised Land"

One thing is for sure about the new anti-fracking film starring Matt Damon:  it is getting a lot of free publicity.

Another article focused on Promised Land today, and it comes from The Social Silo:
But the reason why Promised Land is an important film is because it solidifies the fact that fracking is now mainstream. The process has permeated deep enough into America’s culture that Hollywood thinks it can make a couple bucks off of it. They’re probably right.
The film is a character drama that happens to deal with fracking. What Promised Land seems to lack in facts, it makes up for with a great cast. It may even be Oscar worthy.
Read the entire post here.

Meanwhile, Mike Knapp - an open critic of Promised Land who is part of an effort to publicize how the film's producers lied to residents of Armstrong County in Pennsylvania about the nature of their project - posted this video to provide further evidence of the bias of the filmmakers.

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