Jefferson County Event Focuses on Shale Benefits

From Energy in Depth:
Progress Alliance and the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce hosted a joint event on the “State of Shale” inJefferson County, drawing a crowd of over 150 attendees anxious to learn more about the development happening in the region.
With speakers from HessChesapeakeOhio Oil and Gas AssociationOhio Oil and Gas Energy Education Programand economic development specialists from nearby shale developing regions, the program helped local businesses and community leaders gain a better understanding of the incredible benefits Utica Shale development has and will continue to bring to the region.
Rhonda Reda, Executive Director of the Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Program (OOGEEP), opened the event, giving the crowd a basic oil and gas 101 course to help the audience gain a better understanding of Ohio’s rich history in oil and gas development.  She also showcased OOGEEP’s firefighter training courses, along with their teacherworkshops. Both workshops have been highly praised, and are offered to attendees free of charge in order to help Ohio’s teachers and emergency responders without any tax burden or any diversion of budget.
Tom Stewart, Executive Vice President of the Ohio Oil and Gas Association, was the program’s keynote speaker.  Mr. Stewart gave the crowd incredible insight on Utica Shale development, and challenges the industry faces.  Thanks to shale development, Mr. Stewart pointed out to the crowd the significant savings Ohio consumers are having thanks to increased shale exploration.
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