Anti-Drilling Organizations Continue to Fund Research on Fracking

While the fracktivist crowd tends to put a lot of focus on the industry funding for various studies that are held up to support the safety of fracking, it seems that there is often less attention paid to the environmentalist organizations that are funding studies that reach the opposite conclusions.  The reality is that both sides are buying research to support their agenda.

From the Press & Sun-Bulletin:
The recipients of Heinz grants have a wide range of views. Some take no official position or just want better oversight, while others are clearly opposed to drilling. 
For example, Earthjustice received a $50,000 Heinz grant to “ensure environmentally sustainable natural gas exploration and production in the Marcellus Shale.” But the Earthjustice website calls fracking dangerous and shortsighted and said it’s “poisoning our air and water and on its way to jeopardizing the health of millions more Americans,” and instead urges investments in renewable energy.
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