Obama and Romney's Energy Policies Get a Closer Look

From Forbes:
Presidential debates are as much about style as they are about substance. But at a debate on energy at MIT on Friday, representatives from the Romney and Obama campaigns discussed the candidates’ views on energy in detail and drew clear differences between them on this issue.
On paper both candidates support an “all of the above” energy strategy that includes expanded domestic oil and gas production as well as government funding for research in energy innovation. But the similarities end there.
Romney’s priority is to give states more control to accelerate drilling and coal mining in order to create jobs, said his domestic policy director Oren Cass during the debate. Obama supports more oil and gas drilling as well but his agenda also includes government support for renewable energy and efficiency, said Obama surrogate Joseph Aldy, professor of public policy at Harvard University.
Here’s how the debate played out on the specific issues. You can see the first several minutes of the debate here and MIT Tech TV is expected to air the full debate later.
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