Chesapeake Seeking to Drill Well on Carrollton School District Land

From the Free Press Standard:
Carrollton Exempted Village School District Board of Education members received a request last week that had nothing to do with students, teachers or textbooks. 
During their meeting at Augusta school, members were asked to approve an oil and gas site on school property by two officials from Chesapeake Energy. 
Ryan Dean, manager, Corporate Development, and Jake Holland, field representative, asked the board for permission to drill a well on school-owned property on SR 332 just south of the Carrollton Corporation limits, on land they called “the farmhouse site”. 
Dean said Chesapeake completed an initial review on the site, which is located behind the Seven Ranges Manufacturing Corporation building in the county-owned industrial park, and found it to be suitable. “There are no wetlands or other environmental concerns so the next step is to get owner approval,” he continued. 
He said the well pad would consist of a three and one-half acres drilling pad and is located northwest of the buildings in the industrial park. Industrial Drive (road in the industrial park) would be used for access to the site. The total area of the site, including top soil storage, is between eight and nine acres. 
Dean said the site is 1,070 feet from the football stadium and 845 feet from the administration building.
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