Energy in Depth Ohio Launches 2012 Election Guide

Granville, Ohio – Today, Energy in Depth - Ohio (EID Ohio) launched the Ohio Votes: Utica Shale and the 2012 Election Voters’ Guide.  Included in the guide is a fact-check on statements made by the presidential candidates regarding domestic energy development.

The resource serves as Ohio’s only voters’ guide focusing exclusively on the positions federal and state candidates have on continued development of natural gas from shale resources. The Utica Shale has reinvigorated Ohio’s economy over the past year, and this guide serves as a one-stop information source on candidates’ positions on regarding it’s past, present, and future utilization.

“Once again, the old phrase comes back into play – ‘As goes Ohio, so goes the nation’. Though candidates on both sides of the aisle have recognized Ohio’s pivotal role in national politics, there has also been a recognition of our state’s emergence as a leader in domestic energy production through Utica Shale development.  With that in mind, we have fact-checked statements made by both presidential candidates regarding onshore energy development, and provided a guide that helps voters understand political candidates’ positions on the issue of shale development,” states Dan Alfaro, Spokesman for Energy in Depth.

The guide, available at, is designed to connect voters with information on the positions of candidates seeking the offices of U.S. President, U.S. Senate, U.S. House and State House and State Senate.  It also provides easy access to previous guest posts elected leaders and candidates have penned for EID Ohio, as well as fact check on statements made in the recent presidential debates.

“The site is designed as a unique resource for Ohio voters seeking information on candidates’ views and positions on oil and natural gas development in the Buckeye State. While our organization does not endorse any candidate or party, we felt it was important to provide this resource given the incredible impact the Utica Shale is having on our state and its workforce, as well as the larger national energy picture,” adds Alfaro.

The guide also provides Ohio voters with third party resources they can access to learn about additional positions these candidates have adopted.

In continuing the tradition of fostering an informed and active electorate in Ohio, one that has correctly voted for 24 of the last 26 presidents dating back to 1904, Energy in Depth Ohio welcomes you to Ohio Votes: Utica Shale and the 2012 Election Voters’ Guide.

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